Safe Haven

Safe Haven 4 Kids Of Michigan is a non profit community development organization of Southeast Michigan, located in Marine City. We are designed to meet the unique and overwhelming needs of abused, abandoned and neglected children in foster care.


Safe Haven 4 Kids Of Michigan’s heart is to create positive memories and provide hope for children in the foster care systems of Southeast Michigan.


Safe Haven 4 Kids Of Michigan has a yearly camp for kids where we make a positive impact in the life of a child in need by creating positive childhood memories.

About us


Safe Haven 4 Kids Of Michigan is a community development corporation designed to impact our community with the emphasis on caring for abused, abandoned and neglected children. Last year in MI 29,805 children came into foster care as a result of abuse, abandonment and neglect. These children often feel that they have caused the abuse they endure. Their lives have been shattered by forces that they can’t control. They are angry, fearful and they don’t believe that there is hope for them. Here at SH4KOM we have a plan to help them pick up the broken pieces and mend their hearts. Our plan provides these children with the compassion and commitment they need to learn to trust again. We believe that these children can be transformed by the compassionate actions of people who dare to care.


Our desire is to provide a safe haven in an environment that will allow the children to create positive, life changing memories. We strive to enable these children to recognize their talents, gifts and abilities; thus allowing them to embrace their self worth while gaining hope for their futures and become positive members of our communities.


To touch the heart of every abused, abandoned and neglected child in Southeast Michigan by giving them hope, and empowering them to break the cycle that they have been born into so they can learn to trust again and become productive members in our communities.


Our immediate goal is to build community for local foster children and their families through community outreach programs, sponsoring special events and providing a one week, life changing camp for children ages 6-12 in the foster care system. We will continue to promote community awareness and support by maintaining a healthy working relationship with the State of Michigan’s Department of Human Services and offering support to foster families. SH4KOM will host multiple community events and fundraisers that function to raise necessary funding and allow us to promote our vision and raise awareness of the needs of our children.


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Janet Wenturine

Pastoral Director

Joe Wenturine


6385 King Road
Marine City, MI 48039

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Phone: (810) 765-KIDS 


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Partner with us to make a positive impact in the life of a child in need by creating positive childhood memories. You can help change in the trajectory of a child’s life.

“But the hearts of small children are delicate organs. ... A cruel beginning in this world can twist them into curious shapes. The heart of a hurt child can shrink so that forever afterward it is hard and pitted as the seed of a peach".

2022 RFKC Hightlights

Thanks to all our supporters! We had a great camp and many lives were touched, not only the kids but the staff.


After a successful 2022 camp we starting to create events, fundraiser & community outreach programs for 2023!
You can change a life! Please check back often for updates on our progress and how you can get involved!​